Cobb County Liberal is the founder of Perimeter Progressive. He’s 27, a graduate of Georgia Tech, and grew up in South Georgia. He now lives outside the perimeter, in Cobb County, Georgia. He’s done a lot of work on prior progressive political campaigns, both local and statewide campaigns, and has been called by Republicans the Rush Limbaugh of the Left, a moniker he wears proudly. He grew up in a conservative household in a conservative city. Luckily it didn’t stick.

The Last Liberal Gwinnettian is an author for Perimeter Progressive. She’s 24, and holds a degree in political science. She grew up as a blue person in the very red county of Gwinnett. She spent her college years surrounded by socialist Democrats in New York, which further solidified her leftist views. She welcomes the chance to loudly proclaim her liberal opinions regarding national and state politics, regardless of how her fellow Georgians feel.

You can contact any of us through our gmail, perimeterprogressive @ gmail . com



  1. Hey, I really like the website, and visit regularly…which leads me to believe you might be interested in an event taking place June 10 7PM at the Push Push Theater in Decatur. It is a meeting for progressives mainly who believe we must bring fundamental change to Wall Street and the banking system as a whole. It is going to take a long time for people outside NY/D.C. to hear and react to voices of people negatively affected by dumb decisions they made, but its never to early to start. The presentation will consist of a video screening which I find extremely useful and probably an economist or someone qualified to speak on the issue. Any help spreading the word on this would be greatly appreciated, be it a write up on the site or a small ad. RSVP at under “find a screening near you.”

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