Posted by: The Last Liberal Gwinnettian | November 3, 2010

We’ll Be Back

While I would have been disappointed by the election of nearly any Republican governor, I am devastated by the election of Nathan Deal. My upset is not because the Republicans maintained power of the state but that these particular Republicans gained power: Nathan Deal and Casey Cagle — together forever. I hope that you can all understand that we need a bit of a break after the disappointment of Nathan Deal’s victory.

But we’ll be back.

The fact is that Nathan Deal hasn’t even been elected for 24 hours yet and he’s already done something somewhat shady: He announced that Chris Riley will be his chief of staff. As a reminder, Chris Riley was Deal’s chief of staff in the House. He was involved in every instance of Deal abusing public office for personal gain. Moreover, Riley was involved in another ethics scandal in which Deal’s office paid Riley and his wife $245K for airfare to and from Georgia — Riley did not properly disclose this income, and he attempted to cover up his involvement in the company.

I wonder what kind of shenanigans these two will get into in the Governor’s mansion?

Listen up, folks: We have four years to ensure that our next Governor is, at the very least, capable and honest.


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