Posted by: The Last Liberal Gwinnettian | November 2, 2010

No Deal, Georgia

It’s election day and each and every poll thus far has shown just how important it is for all registered Georgians to vote. With Nathan Deal leading Roy Barnes b47 to 41 percent in early voting, it’s fairly clear that we are likely to wind up with a run off in the governor’s race — but that’s no reason to remain silent today.

While the AJC has posted 25 of the most interesting political ads from this election, it is important for voters to remember that campaign ads — regardless of the party affiliation — are not to be trusted. By their very nature, such ads are intended to provoke strong emotional responses — from women, as in the case of Roy Barnes’s ad about Nathan Deal’s highly controversial bill that would have gutted the rape shield law, to conservatives, as in Nathan Deal’s numerous ads attempting to make Roy Barnes synonymous with the “evil socialist” Obama.

At the same time, blogs, such as this one, also tend to offer rather biased information. In case the blog name didn’t tip you off, allow me to be open and up-front (I do, after all, believe in full disclosure): I support Roy Barnes for Governor. No, I am not a volunteer for the Barnes campaign, nor am I a Barnes staffer, nor am I in any way officially affiliated with any party. And, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will tell you that I voted for the Democrat in the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Senate race this year. In all other races, I voted Libertarian whenever possible because I long for greater political competition and I hope to see the Libertarian party gain traction in this state. I didn’t vote in races in which the incumbent went unopposed.

That said, I will use this post to offer you as many arguments — which as much support — as possible for why no one in this state should vote for Nathan Deal. I did a post early in the race that outlined some of Deal’s more egregious offenses, but more has come out and been clarified since then.

  1. Campaign Financing: Nathan Deal accepted hundreds of thousands in illegal donations. This wasn’t hearsay — I know this not only because the information was drawn from public records but also because Deal has since returned $130K worth of illegal donations which were cited in an ethics complaint filed by the Democrats. Yet, even after returning this vast sum — which was most certainly the right thing to do but is also an admission that the donations were accepted to begin with — “Other contributions cited in the complaint did not appear to have been returned.” Given that Deal has returned the bulk of his ill-gotten booty, this really wouldn’t be a huge deal, except for the fact that Nathan Deal has been so untrustworthy on so many other issues.
  2. Nathan Deal’s North Georgia Business: Not only was Nathan Deal placed under investigation for ethics violations related to his Gainesville salvage yard while still in Congress, not only did he leave Congress before the investigation could be completed in a clear attempt to avoid the inevitable outcome (which happened anyway after he left Congress), not only did he repeatedly lie about his business’s relationship with the State of Georgia, not only did he use his public office to protect a lucrative agreement with the State, not only did his business charge more for its services than any other salvage yard in the state (while paying the state less in commission), not only did he use his public office to force officials to rezone land for use as an illegal solid waste dump, not only did he use his public office to attempt to force the taxpayers to pay for upkeep on the business’s private road…he also lied about ALL of it. For more on these various allegations, please look at some of these links: From Atlanta Unflitered on Nathan Deal’s “contract” with the state; from us (with plenty of links supporting allegations) on Nathan Deal’s agreement with the state, and on Nathan Deal pressuring officials to rezone land and pay for his private road.
  3. The Good Ole Boys Club: Nathan Deal has a history of helping out his buddies. In nearly every ethics scandal that has arisen thus far, Deal’s former chief of staff/campaign manager/pilot, Chris Riley’s name has come up. Other names that seem to routinely come up when discussing Nathan Deal include his business partner (who would have benefited from all those backroom dealings protecting their shared salvage yard) and our dear Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle. I’m sick and tired of defending my state against attacks alleging that we are a bunch of backwards rednecks and having a governor so willing to involve himself in crooked good ole boys politics won’t help. For example, Nathan Deal seems to have used public funds to support Chris Riley’s business.
  4. Georgia’s economy needs sound financial decision making: Nathan Deal has made a series of very bad business decisions — setting aside some of the more morally questionable decisions (such as alternately claiming full involvement in his daughter’s failed business and claiming to merely be a silent investor), the fact remains that this man owes more money in bad loans than the average Georgia worker could make in a century. It wasn’t as if Deal took out a business loan and the business failed. Deal took out one loan, then another and another, all while the business was stumbling about. There comes a time when you simply have to cut your losses — and that time comes long before you owe more than you actually have. Nathan Deal simply doesn’t know when to quit.
  5. Nathan Deal’s personal finances aren’t only sad, they’re also shady: This man has changed his financial disclosure forms more often than his underwear. He has inflated his personal net worth in a pathetic attempt to falsely render himself financially solvent. He released his tax returns, but refused to release any supporting documents and failed to adequately explain how he managed to pay a mere 1-3% of his rather significant income for two years running.

These reasons ought to be sufficient to convince any voter, regardless of political affiliation, not to vote for Nathan Deal. We at Perimeter Progressive urge you to vote — for ANYONE but Deal.

No Deal, Georgia.


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