Posted by: Perimeter Progressive | November 1, 2010

A Word to Georgia Voters

Tomorrow is election day, and while many registered voters tend to stay home for the midterm elections, we urge all Georgia voters to head to the polls. Though many state races, such as the senate race, are all but decided, there is much hope for the governor’s race. This race will determine our state’s prosperity and progress for at least the next four years – don’t stay silent!

As you already know, we have aligned ourselves with Roy Barnes. He may not be a dream come true, but he is certainly preferable to the nightmare that would likely follow the election of Nathan Deal.

Of the many people that we have spoken to regarding this election, we have noticed some fairly clear trends. Our observations and comments:

1. Democrats/liberals: Most of the more liberal people we have spoken to seem dedicated to protecting our state from the harm that Nathan Deal would likely inflict. Many are concerned that Barnes is too conservative and will continue many of the policies that are counter to the desires of the liberal base. However, it is a political reality in Georgia that any successful Democratic candidate for a state-wide race has to toe the line of moderation. When compared to our alternative, Roy Barnes comes out smelling like roses.

2. Moderates/independents/third party members: Many of the voters in this category are likely to vote for Libertarian John Monds. While we are sympathetic to the goals of the libertarian party and while we respect the clean campaign that Monds has run, it must be said that a vote for Monds is, in essence, a vote for a run-off. All we ask is that those who vote for Monds in the general election return to the polls on Nov. 30 to ensure that Nathan Deal does not succeed in his bid for governor. Regardless of party affiliation, the middle-of-the-road voters that we are acquainted with seem united in their severe disapproval of Nathan Deal’s past behavior: bad business decisions, lies and secrets, using political positions to protect personal interests at the expense of the taxpayers, accepting illegal campaign donations, and taking part in the corrupt good-ole-boy politics of days long gone. By all means, show your support for John Monds on Tuesday — but please return to the polls to vote No Deal on November 30!

3. Conservatives/Republicans: Many of our conservative and/or Republican pals have expressed disappointment and disgust over Nathan Deal’s utter lack of both common sense and ethics. However, those who seem opposed to Deal have also expressed a strong unwillingness to do what is necessary to ensure that Deal is defeated. We beg those who fall into this category to reconsider. Whether you vote for John Monds or write-in Karen Handel, please return to the polls on November 30 to vote No Deal. While you likely disagree with many of Roy Barnes’s political stances, he has at least proven himself capable of taking the helm of this state without causing turmoil, embarrassing us in the national arena, or bankrupting the state. Nathan Deal, on the other hand, has proven himself incapable of making sound financial decisions, reluctant to admit to mistakes, tenacious in covering up his own misdeeds, and more than willing to abuse elected office in order to protect the personal interests of himself and his friends — often at the expense of the Georgia taxpayers. Those conservatives who choose to stay home as a display of disapproval of Nathan Deal will simply be one less voice speaking out against political corruption and the “good-ole-boy” politics of the south. While it may gall you to vote for the Democrat — and we can understand that, neither Barnes nor the Democrats are perfect — please don’t allow your silence to benefit Nathan Deal at the expense of all Georgians.

Regardless, get out there and vote — even if you vote for Nathan Deal (though we sincerely hope that our readers will vote NO to corruption and stupidity).

No Deal, Georgia!


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