Posted by: The Last Liberal Gwinnettian | October 26, 2010

A Compendium of Disgusting News Stories

From Rand Paul’s supporters beating a member to Nathan Deal spitting lies again to homeowners unfairly shoved from their homes to Tea Partyists “policing” the polls, today has been a vomit-inducing news cycle.

There are at least two newspapers which I peruse daily, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and the New York Times (yes, yes, liberal media bias, etc., etc.). From these sites I generally wind up on other news sites where I come across even more news stories. And, of course, numerous of my friends send me interesting links and stories. On a normal day, this is an enjoyable way to pass the time while still remaining relatively well-informed.

Today it was an exercise in controlling my gag reflex.

First up, the Huffington Post story about the member who was shoved to the ground and stomped on at the Kentucky Senate debate between Rand Paul and “the other guy”. The woman had dressed in a blonde wig and was carrying a sign that read “RepubliCorp Employee of the Month.” She was attempting to get a photograph with her holding the sign next to Rand Paul – obviously a political statement about her (and others) belief that many Republicans are in bed with corporate America. I can’t even begin to do the scenario justice with mere words – please click here and go watch the actual video. Regardless of your politics, I think that we can all agree that this was uncalled for. Short of trying to assassinate Rand Paul, there is nothing this poor woman could have done to deserve such treatment.

Next on the list of disgusting stories: Nathan Deal has apparently had his final word (though I have a feeling he’ll have more to say before Nov. 2). In reading the transcript of this ad, I think the only truth to it is the phrase “I’m a husband, father, and grandfather.” Everything else is, at best, a half-truth. To hear Nathan Deal claim that he is honest grates on my nerves.

A New York Times article published on Sunday (I just saw it today, so I’m counting it on today’s news) discusses the foreclosure issue. The article gives a brief history of the major lenders halting and then restarting the foreclosure process, but focuses primarily on the practice of lenders denying short sales in favor of foreclosing. Rather than allowing homeowners to sell the house for less than the mortgage owed – in which case, the bank would get a fair bit of money rather than being stuck with an undervalued and unsellable house, and the homeowner would avoid the credit disaster and stress of a foreclosure – many banks, in particular Bank of America, are apparently denying short sales in favor of foreclosing. This despite the fact that, in several cases, the bank makes less money through foreclosure than through short sale. At this point, the banks have given up any pretense of working with people and have begun simply giving everyone a giant middle finger. (And on a side note, guess who won’t be using BoA for her mortgage when she purchases a house?)

And finally, another New York Times story, this one about the Tea Party vow to “police” polling sites in order to prevent voter fraud. Geez, guys, you’d think we live in the times of Tammany Hall. Boss Tweed is dead – we don’t need you to stand outside polling locations scaring off black, Hispanic, and poor voters. The vow to prevent voter fraud came as a result of the 2006 conservative claim that voter fraud is what made the Republicans lose their congressional majority. Although these claims have been proven largely false, facts don’t really matter to Tea Partyers and they are made as hell – as usual. The difference is that this time they aren’t merely standing around shouting impotently about socialists and Muslims, they are actually planning to man the polling stations: “organizing volunteer “surveillance squads” to photograph and videotape suspected irregularities, and in some cases to follow buses that take voters to the polls.” This sounds a lot more like stalking than political activism.

Someone out there, please, do something worthwhile. I would really like to read the news with a smile instead of a grimace tomorrow.


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