Posted by: The Last Liberal Gwinnettian | October 22, 2010

Nathan Deal Uses Rape to Seek Donations

As I mentioned in an earlier post, even I found Roy Barnes’s ad regarding Nathan Deal’s 1991 bill which, according to many would have weakened Georgia’s rape shield laws, to be somewhat heavy handed and melodramatic — not that I disagree with the message. Nathan Deal and his campaign have accused Barnes of hitting a new low with the ad.

But, in yet another example of astounding hypocrisy, Nathan Deal has sunk far lower. In a recent Facebook update, Nathan Deal used rape as a tool to seek donations. SWGA has a great article on this. Read it in full here — it’s definitely worth a read.

Over the past couple of days, a rape victim whose rapist Nathan Deal did his job as a prosecutor 30 years ago and put in jail has come forward and defended him.

And how does Nathan Deal return the favor?

He tries to profit from her story…

The Facebook post in question, which is a link share for Nathan Deal’s website, contains the status update “Rape victim: Deal defended my honor” above a prominent red thumbnail with a singe image — the word “Donate.” As of the time of this post, 20 people have “liked” this post. Of the four comments, one is a comment supporting Deal, one is a comment discussing why women should not be questioned about their sexual past during a trial for rape, and 2 posts supporting the idea of questioning the victim. This quite literally makes me want to gag.

Classy, Deal. Really classy.

No Deal, Georgia.


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