Posted by: The Last Liberal Gwinnettian | October 21, 2010

RGA/Nathan Deal Levy New Attacks Against Roy Barnes

The RGA and Nathan Deal have released 3 new ads against Democratic candidate Roy Barnes.

The first ad levies the same accusations that we’ve already heard:

  • He defended a child molester — except that the truth is that he represented the individual at a single bond hearing, NOT AT TRIAL, and was hired by the man’s employer. Not to mention, Nathan Deal was a defense attorney — you really want to go there, buddy? Because I’m willing to bet that as a defense attorney, you’ve defended criminals. Should we go back and look at those records?
  • He killed jobs — except that he created 234,000 jobs during his term and Georgia had its lowest unemployment rates in 34 years under Barnes.
  • Barnes sued people in front of judges he appointed — except that Barnes returned to his legal career after spending months working for Legal Aid, and has only tried ONE case in front of a judge he appointed. For more on our opinion of this totally ridiculous allegation, go here.

And that’s just the start. Check back later for a more thorough breakdown of the other ads — because in watching them I was literally yelling at the computer screen for the lies that were coming from my speakers.

You know, Roy Barnes’s ads have picked up a lot — they’ve become more dramatic to say the least. And yes, some of his ads, such as the one about the rape shield law, were somewhat heavy handed and a little unfair. But when this is what you’re fighting, what’s the other choice? You have to fight fire with fire, and that’s exactly what Barnes is doing.

If Nathan Deal didn’t want to be attacked in ads, then he shouldn’t have started the fight. He began the dirty fighting before he’d even clinched the nomination — now is a bad time to cry foul.

No Deal, Georgia.


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