Posted by: Perimeter Progressive | October 18, 2010

What Is Deal Hiding?

I cringe even as I type the phrase “What Is Deal Hiding?” Even I, anti-Deal as I am, am sick and tired of seeing the internet banner ads asking this important question.

Then again, if Deal didn’t insist on hiding so much, the question wouldn’t have to be asked.

You can look through our past posts to see how much Deal has hidden throughout this campaign.

  1. Deal dilly dallied for weeks before finally agreeing to release his tax documents. Barnes released his right away.
  2. When Deal finally released his tax documents, he refused to release any of the accompanying schedules. (Barnes released all of his.) This is why no one has yet answered a rather important question: How did Nathan Deal manage to pay a mere 1-3% in taxes during some of his highest earning years?
  3. Deal has amended his financial disclosure more often than he has changed his underpants during this campaign.
  4. Deal doesn’t like answering questions.

When questions regarding potential ethics violations arose, Mr. Deal walked away from reporters, refusing to utter a single word.

Nearly every article I read about allegations made against Mr. Deal contains the quote, “Mr. Deal was not available for questions” (or something similar). An example is found here, in an article discussing Roy Barnes’s allegations regarding Nathan Deal’s voting record on rape and family violence: “The Deal campaign declined to make the former congressman available to talk about the legislation.”

It’s almost as if…Nathan Deal is afraid to defend himself. Could it be? Could it be that even Nathan Deal cannot defend his actions?

Nathan Deal’s flat out refusal to bother answering questions from the press begs the question, “What is Deal hiding?”

Until we get a straight answer…

No Deal, Georgia.



  1. CBS asked the Barnes campaign and Deal campaign to comment on the rape shield law. Barnes responded confidently, Deal’s “spokesman” was flustered. A few more weeks of Barnes vs Deal’s spokesman and Barnes wins by 10.

  2. […] Nathan Deal’s personal finances aren’t only sad, they’re also shady: This man has changed his financial disclosure forms more often than his underwear. He has inflated his personal net worth in a pathetic attempt to falsely render himself financially solvent. He released his tax returns, but refused to release any supporting documents and failed to adequatel…. […]

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