Posted by: Perimeter Progressive | October 18, 2010

The Real Deal

Just when I thought that Nathan Deal could sink no lower…

Roll Call has released a report detailing yet another potential ethics scandal involving Nathan Deal, Chattahoochee Logistics, and Chris Riley. It seems that Deal’s office paid nearly a quarter of a million dollars to Chattahoochee Logistics from 2002 to 2008. Chattahoochee Logistics, LLC is currently “owned” by Bambi Riley, wife of Chris Riley, Nathan Deal’s former chief of staff and current campaign manager. House ethics rules forbid Congressmen from purchasing goods and services from their staffers, but the rule is silent regarding services purchased from staffers’ spouses.

This seems to me to be splitting hairs to a terrible degree. When people are married, they file joint taxes and their income is considered in a lump sum. Income earned by one spouse is earned by both spouses. By paying large sums of money to a company “owned” by Bambi Riley, Deal was lining Chris Riley’s pockets. The company was founded by Chris Riley, is listed in his wife’s name, and is listed at Riley’s home address. On what planet does this disassociate Chris Riley from Chattahoochee Logistics???

Note, for the record, that this is not the first time that you have seen the name Chris Riley raised in conjunction with Nathan Deal and his ongoing ethics issues. Chris Riley’s name just keeps popping up. Riley seems to be the evil mastermind behind Nathan Deal’s many, many questionable ethics decisions. One has to wonder, how much more special treatment will Chris Riley seek (and receive) should Nathan Deal become governor? How many more tax payer dollars will be handed to people like Chris Riley — people who grab on to the most corrupt coat tails they can find?

I don’t want Nathan Deal running my state, and I don’t want Chris Riley anywhere near a house of power.

No Deal, Georgia.



  1. […] make a sound fiscal decision to save his life. He has used his political office for personal gain. He surrounds himself with Southern good-ole-boys who are equally willing to shove their way up to t…. He has no respect for average Georgians beyond how much power and money he can squeeze from them. […]

  2. […] Marvin Hewatt has already been involved in one instance of shady governing. While I cannot be sure that Hewatt actively sought out special treatment from Bannister, all evidence seems to point in that direction. Now he has donated a huge sum of money to a gubernatorial candidate — a candidate who has already shown absolutely no compunctions about using his public office to benefit himself and his cronies. […]

  3. […] The Good Ole Boys Club: Nathan Deal has a history of helping out his buddies. In nearly every ethics scandal that has arisen thus far, Deal’s former chief of staff/campaign manager/pilot, Chris Riley’s name has come up. Other names that seem to routinely come up when discussing Nathan Deal include his business partner (who would have benefited from all those backroom dealings protecting their shared salvage yard) and our dear Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle. I’m sick and tired of defending my state against attacks alleging that we are a bunch of backwards rednecks and having a governor so willing to involve himself in crooked good ole boys politics won’t help. For example, Nathan Deal seems to have used public funds to support Chris Riley’s business. […]

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