Posted by: Perimeter Progressive | September 30, 2010

GOP State Committee Member Abandons Nathan Deal

Nathan Deal has already taken aim at Republicans for Roy. Now a GOP Committee Member has resigned so that he can discuss the TRUTH without retribution.

Georgia GOP State Committee member Michael Carter of Cleveland, GA has resigned his position with the GOP because his conscience will not allow him to support Nathan Deal.

He posted an explanation for his resignation on Facebook, which was later picked up by a Libertarian blog, SWGA Politics. A few key excerpts from his explanation (emphasis added):

I recently resigned as a GAGOP State Committee Member so that I could say the following without retribution from the GAGOP…

You can trust there is a heck of a lot more that will be coming out that further displays that Nathan Deal is not acceptable and incapable of being the Governor of this great state and that is why I was proactive in my actions to informing people of what was to become of Nathan Deal’s true reputation as an elected legislator and public/private officer in any organization. My actions have been supported by the facts that have recently been covered by the media and numerous people on-line. I am personally aware that only half of the misconduct has become public and the rest is yet to come (in a timely manner)! Not that what we already know about Nathan Deal’s personal, business and as a candidates conduct is sufficient enough reason for voters to insure that he is held accountable and not electable to any office.

A vote for Nathan Deal is a vote against Georgia and all of its Conservative citizens and what we should stand for!

It should be noted that Mr. Carter is not a supporter or Roy Barnes in any way, shape, or form. To me, this makes his resignation all the more admirable. This is a man who clearly truly, deeply believes in the GOP and the principles that it stands for. Yet his belief that Nathan Deal is the worst thing that could happen to this state is still stronger than his desire to be a member of a group he clearly admires.

It will be interesting to see what more will be revealed about the corrupt and crooked activities of Nathan Deal. I’m at a loss to even imagine what more could be said to further smear his already murky reputation.

Nathan Deal is a man who has misused campaign funds in order to pay exorbitant air travel fees (to a company he co-owns, no less), made bad business decision after bad business decision, lied to cover up his various bad decisions, lied about his finances, and used his political office to protect his company’s no-bid contract with the state. If this isn’t enough to persuade his loyal supporters that he is unfit for office, then perhaps the next scandal to break will do the trick.

Given that the worst dirt that Deal has been able to dig up on Barnes is a series of state-funded ads run 9 years ago and a single jury trial held before a judge that Barnes had appointed several years earlier, it is laughable that Deal has the gall to even utter the word “ethical.”

No Deal, Georgia.



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  2. How come no one wants to report Deals continued voting record against the farm bill. Agriculture is Georgia’s largest industry this vote is not only against farmers but is against state wide conservation programs and against our children having the best U S agricultural products in our schools. How do you vote for aid to Egypt and against the farm bill.

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