Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | August 12, 2010

Why does Lisbeth Carter want to attack the Constitution?

So I’m getting back into the twitterverse, and I see a tweet by candidate Lisbeth Carter (Idiot – GA) about her getting a perfect record on immigration reform.  So, I go to the site.

And it’s a site that’s clearly going after the Constitution, going after the 14th Amendment.  I like how there’s no big conservative uproar about these activist wackos trying to change the US Constitution.  “Activists” only gets thrown out when folk are trying to grant people equal rights, but by golly if we want to take rights away from people, then it’s not about activism anymore.  It’s patriotism!

Ok, I threw up in my mouth a little just typing that.  Now, she’s running for Hank Johnson’s seat, so luckily there’s not a shot in hell of her actually winning.  Although sounds like she’d be right up there with Michelle Bachman in forming the Idiot Caucus in the US House of Representatives.

Comprehensive immigration reform is something that we need.  Taking away birthright citizenship is not part of that process.  That same organization that’s apparently endorsed Carter notes that only two Western countries, the US and Canada, have birthright citizenship.  So, because other western countries are doing it, we should to?  That means the Republicans and Conservatives are supporting gay marriage now!


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