Posted by: Perimeter Progressive | August 12, 2010

Marietta – Getting closer to getting rid of the poor

I often loathe my hometown of Marietta.  And sure enough, here’s more reason to.  They want to raze the final family housing project in the city.  There used to be 5.  Now there are none.  That’s exactly what we should be doing in a terrible recession with hundreds of thousands out of work in the metro area – getting rid of public housing!  Marietta just doesn’t like poor people.  That’s why Marta doesn’t connect with CCT (because of dem poor black folk coming up to Marietta to rob our houses and defile our women) and this is just another example of it.

From the Marietta Daily Journal,

“We don’t think it’s, in general, a good thing to have a family housing project. There are better ways of living,” Buday said. “You don’t want 100 percent of the units occupied by low income families because it perpetuates dependence on subsidized housing. We want people to do whatever is necessary to not depend on subsidized housing, and you can’t do that if everyone is living in the same situation.”

That’s Ray Buday, executive director of the Marietta Housing Authority.

What a moron.

Yes, you can do that if everyone is in the same situation.  You can work with them to get them out of public housing.  You want to move them over to Section 8 vouchers, which is all good and well, except THERE AREN’T ENOUGH OF THEM.  There aren’t enough houses for Section 8, there’s a waitlist (see, 30,000 people in Atlanta needing one yesterday.)  I like the Section 8 program – I think its a great solution.  But only if there are enough places taking Section 8 vouchers and enough mixed income housing.  There’s not.  Tearing down public housing without there being adequate room to hold these families is not only morally wrong, it will inevitably leave many of them in homeless shelters.


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