Posted by: Perimeter Progressive | August 11, 2010

And we’re back, because Nathan Deal has no soul

We are back ladies and gentlemen of the Georgia progressive political world.  We both got kinda of burnt out on politics for awhile, but we are back to blogging.  Why?  Because Nathan Deal has no soul, and now that he won the runoff, it’s time to do what we can to further progressive causes in the Atlanta Metro area.

We might just have multiplied while gone too – we might be having a Clayton/Henry county blogger too.  Stay tuned for that one.

We will say this – No Deal.  Anyone who attacks an organization dedicated to stopping gay teen suicide in order to get votes deserves not only to lose, but deserves to be egged in public.  He’s a birther, he’s corrupt, he’s Un-American.  He wants to gut the 14th Amendment while declaring state’s rights.  He’s homophobic and would make our state an even greater national laughing stock.  Which company in their right mind would want to relocate to Georgia when our Governor wants gay teens to kill themselves, declare the Constitution null and void, and questions the legitimacy of the President of the Unites States?

Look, we’re not fans of Barnes all that much.  We supported other candidates in the primary.  But NO DEAL.  Barnes may be a relic from 8 years ago, but you know what, it sure as hell beats a relic from 80 years ago, or 180 years ago, which is what Deal would give us.

Barnes will lead us into the future.  Deal will lead us straight into the 19th century.


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