Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | January 19, 2010

Dear Democrats,

Dear Democrats,

I’m worried.  I’m worried I’m going to have to write a Dear John letter soon.  The Democratic Party is proving itself to be weak.  The only thing keeping my faith in the National Democratic party right now is the US house who seem to have their act together without compromising our integrity and our core beliefs.  The Senate is just a mess, and we need someone other than Harry Reid as senate leader.  Why is it we need 60 votes to do anything?  Bush sure as heck didn’t, and he certainly pushed through a lot of his crap through congress.  Is it Obama?  Is it the Senate?  I’m not sure.

Part of it is all nice and good that Obama is all about building consensus, and trying to form some sort of coalition government.  Everybody holding hands and working together in harmony.  That sounds just great, but the Republicans out there would just rather cut off our hands then try to hold them.  And they are united in that desire.  And we are not united.  It’s time to get our act together.

We need and want a progressive agenda.  Our nation needs a progressive agenda.  That’s why Democrats were elected after all.  But we refuse to live up to our ideals in the name of electability.  But that’s why we were elected!  What’s up with this Democrat Disconnect.  We sacrifice what got us elected in the name of electability.  And then we don’t get elected anymore.

For really the first time, I found myself this morning understanding why people don’t vote.  Why bother?  Either way, the same crap happens.  The parties are hardly recognizable from each other on the policy side (rhetoric is one thing and that is different between the parties, but in the end, the policies are far too similar than the rhetoric would suggest.)  When we will live up to our ideals?

So, dear Democratic party.  I’ve volunteered for you countless hours.  I’ve voted for you in every election that I’ve been eligible to vote in.  But I’m starting to waver.  What’s the point anymore?  I get the hypothetical reasons why, but in the real world what’s the point.



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