Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | January 7, 2010

Disappointed with Obama

That’s right, I’m disappointed with Obama.  I had high hopes – I thought his ideas on the campaign trail were good, and of course he is one of the best political orators in the game right now.  But it seeems upon entering the White House, he lost his spine.

Yes, he has done good things.  But the positive things I’ve seen are not policy based.  Bringing esteem back to the White House, improving our standings in the eyes of the world, etc.  That’s like, attitude based stuff.  Which is important, I acknowledge, but he doesn’t seem to want to fight for his promises.

Now, I also understand the whole need for consensus and wanting to bring both sides to the aisle.  But if the other side refuses to budge, well, then if you are stuck on consensus that just moves you further and further away from your position and towards theirs, which totally happened in the Health Care debate.  I hope Pelosi stands her ground in the negotiations, which I love how are being televised like Obama said they would be, because right now the Senate is acting like that are the only governmental body in America – they seem to be forgetting that the House is just as important as the Senate (and if the Senate bill does add a tax, don’t all revenue bills have to start with the House?  just sayin’)

Obama is the leader of the party, in theory, and leader of the nation, in theory.  He isn’t stepping up to the plate and leading here, and who the hell knows where Biden is.  When Bush/Cheney were out there destroying the country, they were at least active in doing it and leading the charge downward.  He’s dropped a lot of what he promised for and what this country needs.  He could have gotten it done, but chose not to, and that is so disappointing.


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