Posted by: Perimeter Progressive | September 22, 2009

From Drought to Flood – 2009 is Weird

Just a quick posting regarding the recent flooding in Atlanta.

  1. Our condolences go out to the friends and family members of the (thus far) eight who perished in the flooding.
  2. For road closures/updates, this seems to be a pretty decent compilation of information:
  3. According to the National Weather Service, if you see standing water on the road, you should turn around and “do not drown.” Sound advice.
  4. If there are barricades on the road you wish to use, just assume they are there for a reason. Police, fire, and rescue services have had to rescue more people today than yesterday because people seem to think that roads are safe if there is no water on them. NOT TRUE. A lot of bridges/overpasses/roads have sustained structural damage that must be repaired before they can reopen.
  5. Gee, where on Earth are we going to get the money for the millions upon millions of dollars of damage this has done? Crap. New Rule: No natural disasters during a recession.

All in all, things could have been a lot worse. Still, many people lost their homes, cars, and belongings to this flood, and our hearts go out to them.

In the aftermath of the flooding, just remember not to drown.


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