Posted by: Perimeter Progressive | September 5, 2009

Who the Heck Cares? 9/5/09 — Obama’s Education Speech

In case you’ve somehow been lucky enough to miss all the hoopla, President Obama will be delivering a speech to America’s students on Tuesday. This sounds like a boring little news clip that should be slotted near the bottom of the list of news stories, somewhere between Jack the waterskiing terrier and the new road resurfacing project on the local highway. Presidential addresses used to be boring affairs that people simply ignored, or — in the rare event of an address on all the networks — groaned about having to watch because none of the regularly scheduled programing was available.

Not today. Today, no matter what Mr. Obama does or doesn’t do, there is a steadily growing right-wing population ready to attack him for his evil socialist actions. I would really like to think that these people exist only on the fringes of the Republican party, because (believe it or not) some of my best friends are Republicans. Sadly, the more these people shout, the more I begin to think that they are EVERYWHERE.

Today’s shouting match is about Obama’s address on Tuesday. The speech is intended to encourage students to work hard, stay in school, and stay off drugs, hardly (I hope) a controversial issue. It is to be broadcast live on the White House website and CSPAN, and schools are encouraged, though by no means required, to air the speech. This was announced weeks ago, but the righty talk show hosts somehow failed to pick up on it until Wednesday. Then, as soon as the righty talking heads began to complain, so did a whole bunch of very loud mouthed righty parents.

When I first came across headlines reading “Some Parents Oppose Obama School Speech,” I was confused. What on earth could people oppose about a speech from the President of the United States that is intended to encourage American students to stay in school? But then I remembered about that sect of Americans who believe that everything Obama does is intended to promote socialist propaganda. In fact, some talking heads have gone so far as to suggest that Obama intends to use this speech to indoctrinate America’s youth into socialism in much the same way that Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong-Il indoctrinated the youths in their countries.

Parents with a problem with this speech being aired in front of their children need to wake up and realize a few things.

  1. This is hardly the first time a President has addressed the students of the nation. Bush I did it in 1991. Dems in Congress complained about him using taxpayer money to broadcast a partisan speech, but the complaintes were relatively quiet and the speech wasn’t really partisan. Methinks the same will play out here.
  2. Your kids are not going to pay attention to the speech, even if they are forced to sit through it. They will spend that time picking their noses and poking one another. Obama could tell the students that all Republicans are descended from Satan and that Socialism is the only way to achieve salvation, and the kids would just blink at the screen and pull out their cell phones to start texting about Susie’s new hair cut.
  3. Particularly in light of the amount of scrutiny that he has received, not just for this speech but for everything he has done in the last nine months, Obama will be certain to exclude any partisan references from his speech. It would be the height of stupidity for him to even suggest that one side might be better than the other, and whatever else you might say about Obama, he is not a stupid man.

So, for any upset parents out there, relax. Between Obama’s political smarts and your children’s indifference, there is not the slightest chance that a single child will magically become a cog in the socialist regime that is supposedly taking over America. Isn’t it time we went back to thinking “Who the heck cares?” when the President speaks?



  1. Obviously you care, or you wouldn’t have written this post. And I suppose your “political smarts” are greater than those of the first black man to be elected President…

  2. Great site, how do I subscribe?

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