Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | August 11, 2009

David Scott’s office tagged with a Swastika

Via the AJC,

A vandal spray-painted a large black swastika on the sign outside U.S. Rep. David Scott’s office in Smyrna.

It’s a short article – story is just in the breaking phase. The police are on the scene and the Congressman is on his way to the office.

Scott is one of the few Democrats from Georgia in the US House – represents a slice of Metro Atlanta, including my neck of the woods in the Vinings-Smyrna area. The same area where Bob Barr lives (well, he voted in my precinct at least) if that’s any idea of what it’s like. And Scott is my Congressman.

This is where the vitriol of the right is taking our country.

I was searching to find his contact info, and this news story from The Washington Times came up –
“Rep. David Scott sees link between ‘tea baggers’ and racist attacks”

Rep. David Scott, a Georgia Democrat, who came under scrutiny after accusing a local doctor of “hijacking” a recent town hall meeting is standing by his remarks and says some of the conservative protesters are motivated by racism.

Mr. Scott, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, appeared on Fox Business’s “Happy Hour” Monday afternoon to give his side of the story after a Washington Times report of his contentious town hall was linked by the highly-trafficked Drudge Report over the weekend.

During the interview the congressman said “drama” over health care reform was being manufactured by right-wing protesters and has produced an uptick in racially-motivated attacks.

“There were tea baggers all over the place,” the congressman said of his past town hall meeting. Later in the interview Mr. Scott produced a flier for the television camera that had an image of President Obama styled as The Joker. “If you look at this, that’s a picture of President Barack Obama,” Mr. Scott said holding the sign up. “He’s grinning there like here’s the clown from Batman. Underneath that it says Nigga, nigga David Scott. It says you were, and you are, and you always forever shall be but a nigga. If that ain’t it I don’t know what is.”

So coincidence this happened this morning when that post was put up yesterday? Doubtful.

And to those who are jumping at the bits to blame Rep. Scott for vandalizing his own office, like Pete Randall at The Peach Pundit, I suggest you take a look. Look at what your party is doing to America. Look at what your peers think is the right response to debate. Look in the mirror and see if you really satisfied over your disgusting demagoguery. Its pathetic you’re trying so hard to save face that you resort to this.



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  2. i grew up in that area, but since ive moved my parents told me how theyve jury rigged the district to include more blacks. your girl pelosi started this so dont complain. scott needs to get in line with his constituents, who dont want socialist medicine

  3. Oh really? Pelosi is in charge of redistricting in Georgia? Nitwit.

    I want to point out that I am a constituent, and I want a public option. Yet you no longer live here, and you don’t want it. Sounds like he is in line with his constituents on this one. Double nitwit.

    And furthermore, it doesn’t matter what your opinion on health care is. Spray painting a racist symbol on a US Congressman’s office is morally wrong and abhorrent no matter what any sort of topic is being discussed.

  4. This country has a little thing called the First Amendment, which protects our right to free speech. If a constituent of Scott’s disagrees with his stance on healthcare reform, there are numerous venues through which he can make his opinion known. He is free to protest in any number of socially and legally acceptable ways. However, painting a racist and hateful symbol on Scott’s sign is not free speech — it is hate speech (which is illegal), vandalism (also illegal), and criminal tresspass (which, in case you missed the word “criminal” there, is also illegal). It’s also disgusting, regardless of your party affiliations.

    The 1950s called — they want their mentality back.

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