Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | August 6, 2009

Oh lord, I think Sonny Perdue may have a point.

Well, there’s more on the water front, two stories from the AJC:

Sonny Perdue may actually have a point.  Or whoever researched this for him does.  I grew up in the Columbus area, and I remember in high school in my AP US History class, our teacher taught us that indeed, Georgia’s border does end at the end of the Chattahoochee.  Most other states that have a river as a border have the line of demarcation down the center of the river, so both sides can develop on it.  But Phenix City, AL, right across the river from Columbus, was stunted in its growth because it doesn’t have legal access to the river.  I hope that’s not the only basis Georgia’s got for the upcoming River War, but it is a fair point.  It’d completely screw over Alabama, but it would save Georgia.  Maybe we do need to look beyond just a state plan and reemphasize the focus on a regional, sustainable plan.  I do think the answer is not just tapping the ‘Hooch more, but building up a reservoir base.

The other article is about the scary influence Southern Company has in these water negotiations.  Scary.  Well worth the read.


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