Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | August 6, 2009

No more water countdowns. Stand up Leadership!

I remember last year seeing a countdown on the AJC with how many days of water Atlanta had left due to the drought and the Lake Lanier drama.  As a state, that’s unacceptable.  We can’t let our state literally dry up.

A federal judge ruled Atlanta has no right to take water from Lake Lanier. Florida and Alabama are ready to declare War on Georgia to save the (pretty gross) Chattahoochee River.  Our Governor is stepping up the rhetoric without offering any solutions, other than inflaming neighboring states and the federal government – and that sure seems the right way to build a consenus on this issue.

Poythress put out an email blasting Barnes and Baker for their water silence.  And it should be a requirement put out there by us voters that every candidate put out a plan to deal with future droughts.  This is one of the top issues facing our state – without water, our main economic hub, the main economic hub of the South, Atlanta, will lose businesses and their jobs by the thousands.  There can be no economic development if we don’t have anything for them to drink.

Georgia needs to start developing more State reservoirs in the metro Atlanta area, and all over the state for that matter.  When I drive around Texas, not known for its huge amounts of rain, I see lakes and reservoirs all over the place, but here in Georgia there’s only a handful.  We need to have a buffer, so we aren’t threatened with a complete and total lack of water.

Last year we resorted to prayer for to rain so we wouldn’t run out of water – but as they say, God helps those who help themselves.



  1. AMEN!

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