Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | July 3, 2009

GaGo10: Could this be the ugliest Governor’s race in recent Georgia history?

I don’t know my Georgia history all that well, 8th grade Georgia Studies aside, so I’m not quite familiar with how nasty gubernatorial contests have been.  But we’re a year and a half out from the actual election, and already infighting on both sides has begun in high earnest.  Luckily, what we’re seeing on the Dem side is about one tenth of the high drama of the republican side.

The latest on the GOP side: a wikipedia war between Handle and Oxendine.  Someone’s been making unfavorable edits to Handle’s wiki page and making favorable edits to Oxendine’s.  This might not have been too shocking or newsworthy, but Erik over at Peach Pundit (and of Redstate fame, the right’s attempt to clone Kos which just didn’t catch on like Kos) has been hyping it up on his blogs, and some outlets of national media caught on as well.  This is looking bad on Oxendine, something I am perfectly fine with…we need no Secessionistas in office in Georgia, thank you very much.

Let me tell you, this whole drama works for me – it’s nice to see some good political high drama on the other side for once.  I’d love to keep our Dem infighting down to a minimum and see the GOP leave its primary bruised, bloodied, and missing a couple of limbs that decided to join the Libertarian’s body.


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