Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | July 2, 2009

GaGo10 – Poythress Slams Barnes

Poythress gave Barnes a nice little welcome into the primary campaign this week, with an email blasting Barnes.

Via Jim Galloway at the AJC,

Writes Poythress:

Here are three glaring instances where he left our party high and dry:

— Instead of helping re-build the Democratic Party so it was prepared for victory after he lost to Sonny Perdue, Roy sat silent.

— Instead stepping in to stop the Mark Taylor v. Cathy Cox bloodbath in 2006, Roy sat silent.

— Instead of speaking out against Sonny’s “austerity cuts” to Georgia’s public schools, Roy sat silent.

Barnes would probably argue that he’s offered more criticism of his successor than Georgia voters have ever heard before. As for Barnes’ involvement — or lack thereof — in last Democratic primary for governor, we stand willing to be educated.

I definitely agree with Poythress here.  Barnes has been MIA in Georgia Politics for the past 4 years.  Yes, he probably shouldn’t have been very public right after elected, but he could have spent the time building up the Democratic base, campaigning for more local candidates, etc.  I am not the biggest fan of Barnes, and I really don’t like him coming back to try again 8 years after being voted out of office.  Was he too scared to try 4 years ago, which could have prevented the Cox v. Taylor battle that left many of us bruised?  Did he decide that now the time is right because he might have a shot again?  Is that too pure political opportunism?

As much as I agree with Poythress here, I don’t think Barnes should withdraw from the race, as Poythress recommends.  Yes it might hurt the party, it might not – there’s no way to tell until after the fact.  But in the end, if the voters do want him in, then he has every right to run.


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