Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | June 13, 2009

Oh dear God I agree with Jim Wooten on something.

Shoot me now.

I was meandering through the AJC online, and came across this by Jim Wooten, the AJC’s conservative blowhard (for just a little while longer at least.)

Georgia has been all abuzz with NCR, a ATM making company.  It’s relocating from Dayton, Ohio to Georgia.  Yes, its good news for Georgia – but Georgia seems to have been making too big of a deal about this (due to the economic times we’re in.)

From, ugh, Jim Wooten at the AJC:

Having NCR’s headquarters and a new ATM factory in Georgia are good. For us. But there is considerable irony in asking for federal stimulus money to renovate a factory in Columbus to make ATM terminals now being made in South Carolina for a company that worsens Ohio’s job base to improve Georgia’s. Georgia should eliminate the corporate income tax — and incentives to relocate from one part of America to another. This is one area where I’ve never agreed with Democrats or the Republican governor. Snaking jobs from my fellow countrymen is not my thing.

Luckily, I don’t agree with all of that.  But his last sentence rang true with me.  Georgia is celebrating, heaping praise on Perdue for this coup.  Yet, we are all Americans.  Contrary to popular opinion, these are not “new” jobs.  These are jobs that someone in Dayton was working in, and now Dayton is worse off for having “lost” NCR.  (Do a google news search for NCR and Dayton, and see what sort of articles come up.)

So our state has bettered itself at the expense of another.

I don’t consider that a victory.



  1. Actually, this is rather close to my heart. I grew up outside of Dayton, Ohio because my grandfather worked for NCR. We moved to Atlanta because my grandfather was transferred here from Ohio.

    NCR is one of Dayton’s largest employers. In fact, many of the events in and around the city are at least partially sponsored by the company. The community pool that we visited during the summer was owned by NCR. NCR is, in many ways, a core part of Dayton.

    While I am thrilled that this will (hopefully) bring economic growth to Georgia (which has now been my home longer than Dayton ever was), I can’t help but mourn the loss that the city of my birth will soon experience.

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