Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | June 3, 2009

GaGo10 – Well, Barnes does get some credit

Via Aaron Gould Sheinin at the AJC

And as for the battle over the state flag, where Confederate heritage supporters turned on him over his support for a compromise that did not include a rebel emblem, Barnes said there are more important issues at hand.

Barnes reached for the current Georgia flag, standing behind him.

“This flag is fine with me,” Barnes said, and turned toward the U.S. flag. “But there’s one flag I like even better and it’s this one right here. And for all those who say we ought to secede from the Union and we ought to start our own nation, that’s about what drove me into this race.”

Gotta give Barnes some credit – he went after the Secessionistas and called them out.  That moves him up to the top 2 democrats in my mind.  As I said, I’ll be fine if he gets the nomination, but I don’t know if I want someone who will automatically be limited to 1 term as governor as the nominee.


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