Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | June 3, 2009

GaGo10 – AJC Tears Apart Oxendine

Oxendine got himself torn a new one by the AJC. He offered up this haphazard explanation of why his bosom buddy Yancey has so much paid for power.  Via AJC and authors Cameron McWhirter and Eric Stirgus,

His explanation:

Oxendine said state law requires Georgia-based insurers be on the association board, and at least one must be a mutual insurance company. He said Yancey’s primary insurance company, State Mutual Insurance Co., is the only Georgia-based mutual insurance company.

And AJC takes that comment apart:

Georgia law states, however, that the board simply needs two Georgia-based insurers. It does not specify what type and it does not require that a local company executive be chair.

Another Georgia-based company, Life of the South from Valdosta, has a member on the board, but that person has never served as chair.

Oxendine told the AJC, “I don’t appoint individuals. I appoint companies.” State law stipulates, however, that Oxendine appoints individuals to the board from company recommendations. It states the commissioner picks the chairman and that the association is under the “immediate supervision” of the commissioner.

The law states the commissioner can remove any board member if “in his judgment, the public interest may so require.”

Asked to clarify apparent discrepancies between Oxendine’s remarks and state law, spokesman Glenn Allen provided no comment. The AJC asked, through Allen, for Oxendine to address apparent discrepancies. He did not do so.

This Oxendine – Yancey affair is the gift that keeps on giving.  First off, Yancey donates well over the legal limit in donations to Oxendine.  Then it comes to light that in return, Oxendine has been appointing him chairman of this apparently imporant insurance organization that is not publically accountable.  And now Oxendine tries to say the law made him, but the law doesn’t – and that leaves two possible explanations.

Either a) He really didn’t know the law.  (In which case I’m sure he’ll be a great governor), or b) He’s trying to cover up his shady misdealings and epically failed at it.

Kudos to the AJC for this!  Stories like this are why we need local newspapers.

We need some sort of imposing name for this scandal.  I propose…Oxengate.


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