Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | June 1, 2009

GaGo10 – Looks like Barnes is in

According to this by Jim Galloway over at the AJC, it certainly looks like Barnes is going to run again for governor – at least he’s made his decision.

We’ve been told by several relatively well-informed people that former Gov. Roy Barnes has settled on Wednesday as the day he’ll fish or cut bait in the 2010 race…

The capitol has been reserved for some sort of political event, and he’s scheduled to give a talk at the Cobb County Democratic Party fundraiser.

I don’t really think this will alter much on the Democratic side, as pretty much everyone seems to have been assuming he’s going to run again.

I really don’t like it when politicians who have been ousted return for a round two – I think if you didn’t win, it’s a sign that you weren’t the right person for the job, and that others should be given a chance.  It looks like I’m leaning towards Poythress this round.


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