Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | May 29, 2009

A modest toll proposal

So I’m traveling around Texas on a business-related trip, and one of the few things I dislike about Dallas are all of the toll roads. They may be convenient for people who live there, but for out of towners they are a pain in the ass.  Local folk have the “Toll Tag”, or in Houston the “EZ Tag” (and Houston is doubly annoying as some roads are EZ Tag ONLY.)

A very, very common wish I have when in Texas is that rental cars had a toll pass.  But thinking about it more today, I wondered if there could be some sort of alternative for visitors.  Maybe at airport car rental locations, they can either have a pre-paid toll tag that you can purchase, or, even better, let people who do fly in from out of town have a free toll pass – I don’t think cities right now want to discourage visitors from travelling there to spend money in their town.  The Texas Toll Madness makes me less likely to want to come to Texas.  I’m sure they don’t want that image.

Maybe this is something we could consider here in Georgia – it looks like more toll roads are on their way to Metro Atlanta after all…


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