Posted by: The Last Liberal Gwinnettian | May 28, 2009

What are HOV lanes for?

Silly me, I was under the assumption that HOV lanes were created in order to encourage commuters to car pool. Here I thought they acted as incentive, as though they say, “Look, if you’ll agree to cram a co-worker or two in your car, then you can drive in this lane that usually goes faster than all the other lanes.” I for one quite enjoy making use of the HOV lane and looking with disdain at all those single-person-cars sitting in the parking lot of I-85.

Not anymore.

The Atlanta Regional Commission approved a project to put tolls on Gwinnett’s I-85 HOV lanes. If you’re like me, you are sitting in front of your computer screen with a slightly puzzled look on your face. Wouldn’t tolls defeat the entire purpose of an HOV lane? Isn’t that akin to asking people to PAY for the “privilege” of car pooling?

Plus, the funding for this brilliant project is coming from state and federal grants. Couldn’t this money be better utilized in another way? You know, like creating a decent public transportation system in one of the most traffic clogged cities in the country?

But, no. Instead, let’s just toll people for car pooling. That’ll be more fun, anyway.


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