Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | May 28, 2009

Queens On Patrol.

As a queen myself, I find this both funny and alarming.  From The Southern Voice, via Jim Galloway at the AJC:

The Georgia Log Cabin Republicans, the state chapter of the national gay GOP group, issued a statement this afternoon demanding the resignation of Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin.

The group called on Gov. Sonny Perdue, a Republican, and the Georgia National Guard to take control of the city’s “crime mayhem” and reminded LGBT residents of their right to bear arms and use deadly force to protect themselves.

Apparently the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans have a very high drama queen quotient.  Crime is nowhere near bad enough to warrant martial law in the city of Atlanta.  If the group wants more police on the streets, that’s great – as long as they lead the fund raising drive.  Atlanta’s broke – they don’t have the money to pay for more police protection without higher taxes.  If the group wants higher taxes, then by all means, let’s have more police protection.   I’m all for it.

Something tells me they don’t quite want that…



  1. The fact that they’re gay doesn’t mean they should be prohibited from overreacting in traditional Republican fashion! Come on!

    • I stand corrected 😀

      I guess I wish that my family knew better.

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