Posted by: The Last Liberal Gwinnettian | May 28, 2009

Operation Gwinnettian Outrage Successful!

This just in: Gwinnett Commissioner Charles Bannister has decided to table the proposed property tax increase!

Apparently, Mr. Bannister “heard the message” of the citizens. Goody, he’s not deaf. Though the fact that this announcement came in the wake of Senator Balfour’s comments about the commissioners losing their jobs if they passed the tax calls into question which message Bannister heard. More than likely, this is an attempt to save his position, not an attempt to please the taxpayers. Either way, at least Gwinnett property owners aren’t going to have to deal with a ludicrous tax hike. Go Gwinnett!



  1. Bannister’s safe as long as his buddy Danny Porter’s the District Attorney. Believing Bannister and friends were paying 2-3 times for property for years he sent him an email warning him to stop or he’d go to a grand jury. Is that the proper way to run that office ? I guess if your a friend of Porter’s you get special treatment. I know when I had over a million dollars stolen and one of the thieves turned out to be the step daughter of a friend of Porter’s nothing happened. Other than trying to intimidate me. Even when they found some of my property at her home. No witnesses of mine were even called. That’s the way it is with Porter. If he’s your friend your above the law right beside him. I wonder if he knows that’s not the way to serve the public and he was elected to protect me from people like that. Not try to threaten me because I turned them in.

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