Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | May 27, 2009

And now even more come out against the Secessionistas

I’m thrilled to see Poythress taking such a stand against the Sucessionistas (and honored beyond belief over his email and recent update linking here) and now Cynthia Tucker from the AJC is weighing in too:

If Georgia’s Republicans insist on a politics that is base and ugly and plays to the hateful side of the state’s history, then they deserve to be called out for it.

Since several of the GOP’s candidates for governor have flirted with support for secession, they deserve the scorching denunciation they received earlier this week from David Poythress, a Democratic candidate for governor.

Right on!  She takes an interesting turn though, one I had never thought of:

All this talk of secession from the GOP is nothing but race-baiting, a shameful “dog whistle” meant to be heard by voters still unhappy about the broad cultural changes wrought by the civil rights movement.

Similar resolutions have cropped up in other state legislatures, and a couple have passed them. That means this particular whistle has been loud enough and long enough for all of us to hear it.

Don’t think for one moment that the election last year of the nation’s first black president, Barack Obama, is coincidental to this sudden renewed interest in “states’ rights” and secession, loaded terms with a visceral connection to the centuries-long oppression of black Americans.

I don’t know if its tied to race, but it wouldn’t surprise me if its there.  It might not be the primary reason, but it might be the subconscious motivation.

And she ends with…

If these were Democrats invoking such rhetoric, some Republican would dare call it treason.

We’ve been calling it treason for weeks now.  I hope this thought starts to gain some momentum.

Keep calling them out Tucker.  Keep calling them out Poythress – trust me, as the lead Democratic voice against these traitors, you are distancing yourself away from the rest of the pack in the primary race.  Keep it up!


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