Posted by: The Last Liberal Gwinnettian | May 26, 2009

Senate Republicans Need to Grow Up

Today, President Obama announced his nominee to replace Supreme Court Justice Souter – Sonia Sotomayor. If confirmed, Ms. Sotomayor will be the third female to ever sit on the Supreme Court, and the first Hispanic in history to be a Supreme Court Justice.

If confirmed.

As a former New Yorker, I have a soft spot in my heart for The New York Times. As a result, I at least glance at the headlines on that renowned bastion of liberal journalism on an almost daily basis. Last week’s headlines regarding Obama’s future nominee were incredibly amusing. On May 17, one of the headlines was “Conservatives Map Strategy on Court Fight.” Regarding Ms. Sotomayor, long a contender on the list of potential nominees, the article had this to say:

If he nominates Judge Sonia Sotomayor, they plan to accuse her of being “willing to expand constitutional rights beyond the text of the Constitution.”

Essentially, the article details all of the possible arguments that Senate Republicans might use to fight Obama’s future Supreme Court nominee…all before anyone had any idea who that person might be. Umm…could we maybe wait to see who he’s going to pick before we begin ragging on Obama’s choice?

I had to laugh the following day when one of the Times headlines read, “Republicans in Senate Lower Expectations of Court Fight.” Basically, the Senate Republicans decided that they didn’t have much of a chance of actually derailing Obama’s nominee because the Democrats have a strong enough majority in the Senate that fighting the nominee would simply be a really long waste of time. Talk about flip-flopping. And this was all before Obama even announced who his nominee would be!

Then, after Obama made his pick, the headline reads “Republicans Weigh Risks of a Supreme Court Battle.” They’re thinking about it again? At least this time they did the mature thing and waited to see who they would be dissing before actually starting up a fight. Now their big concern isn’t that they won’t be able to win this fight (which they won’t, barring some incredible newsbreak about Judge Sotomayor) – no, their concern is that fighting Sotomayor’s nomination might alienate Hispanic voters.

This just ticks me off. The Republicans don’t really want to fight this nomination over ideology; it’s all about trying to keep Obama and the Democrats from getting their way without losing too many votes. I would have a little more respect for the righties if they would stick to their ideological guns instead of acting like a bunch of schoolyard bullies. I feel like their current attitude is one of “Well if we can’t be in charge, then we’ll just make things as hard as possible for you.” Real mature, guys.

You know, most of the sitting Justices are over 70 years old. There’s a pretty good chance that this won’t be Obama’s only Supreme Court nomination. Go ahead and piss him off, Senate Righties. See if he doesn’t liberalize the Court to spite you. Before you know it, people will be having abortions while smoking pot while marrying their gay partners all over the place! Dear God no!



  1. Hi, G and C (your counties). I enjoyed meeting you at the Punchline when John Oliver was the main act. I’ve looked at the site and I like your blogs. It is refreshing for me to know there are others besides me who think as I do on so many issues. I believe Georgia will be a red state for the next ten years, at least, so I will come here to PP to drink from the well of your informed opinions, much as a thirsty man in the desert seeks an oasis to keep himself alive. 🙂

  2. 😀 Thanks torpedoman!

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