Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | May 25, 2009

The Cobb County Board of Education needs a detention.

I already talked about this 3-2-1 grading nonsense from the Cobb School Board a few days ago. Well, a panel voted to send it with approval to the Board for its consideration. Who was on this panel?  Each Board member apparently got to pick two people to put on the panel, which of course, makes it independent.

Lets take a look at this lovely quote from the Marietta Daily Journal:

Rob Benson, an assistant superintendent, and Amy Krause, the district’s director of curriculum and instruction, presented committee members with a folder of information along with a disk containing hundreds of pages of documents on standards-based report cards at the Tuesday meeting.

School board member Alison Bartlett, who chairs the report card committee, in explaining why she called for a vote before members had time to read the information, said her committee was asked to provide a recommendation to the board at its Thursday meeting next week.

“Based on our time constraints and that I wanted to include concerns from all members of the committee about standards-based reporting, I felt we needed to vote,” Bartlett said.

What the hell?  That’s not sending a great message to our students – go ahead and make your decision before you have everything you need.  Lovely.  And just a little later in the article…

Kelly Duncan, who was appointed to the report-card committee by board member Lynnda Crowder-Eagle – they attend the same church – and is treasurer of Bullard Elementary’s PTA, on Tuesday sent an email to committee members, board members and Sanderson in which she attacked the Journal and defended Crowder-Eagle and standards-based report cards.

Duncan, who has repeatedly described Crowder-Eagle in emails as a “saint,” writes, “During this process I found out that other schools in Georgia are using Standards Based Report Cards, including Forsyth County, Bartow County, and even the Walker School.”

Yet Patty Mozley, director of admissions at the Walker School, said Thursday that Walker does not use standards-based report cards.

Ok.  We, as Cobb citizens, need to put the Board of Education in detention.  Maybe they need to get held back a grade, because they are clearly too stupid to move on.  And it’s sad when the Board of Education seems to be the stupidest part of Cobb.  This 3-2-1 grading system in Cobb looks to be going the way of Integrated Math in Georgia – an abject failure.  (We will have to get into Georgia’s Integrated Math in the future.  It’s just horrible.)

I hope we do the right thing and vote these buffoons out of office as soon as we can.


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