Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | May 22, 2009

Clayton County – Jonesboro Mayor is a dolt.

The mayor of Jonesboro fired the chief of police, after suspending him for wearing blue jeans instead of a full sheriff’s outfit. Yes, blue jeans come off a little too walker texas rangerish for my tastes, but come on. Seriously?

City council member Roger Grider said the mayor informed him of the firing around 5 p.m.

“It will have to be upheld at the next city council meeting,” said Grider, who said he wasn’t surprised by the mayor’s decision. “We really don’t get involved in the day-to-day decisions. That’s left up to the mayor.”

But another council member, Billy Powell, said the firing came as a surprise.

“This mayor is just totally out of control,” Powell said Thursday night from his home. Powell said Jonesboro residents liked Johnson’s style as the city’s top cop.

“The citizens like him because they can go up and talk to him and not feel intimidated, and Brad will get the job done,” Powell said.

A former state patrol officer, Johnson said his law enforcement career likely is over. But he hasn’t ruled out running for a city council spot. He said he anticipates that a recall effort to throw Maddox out of office will be under way.

As if Clayton County hasn’t had enough drama lately.  I wonder if we can come up with some sort of Drama Index for each Metro Atlanta county.  Clayton’s got to be close to the top.



  1. I live in Clayton County. The place is a total mess. Nothing in government works. Not the school board (loss of accreditation, recently regained) , not the sheriff’s office (several federal lawsuits resulted in million dollar judgments against the sheriff), the economic development program (the county is riddled with empty homes, empty shopping centers), and law enforcement is poor (last year we had a higher per capita murder rate than Gwinnett or Cobb Counties, but with less than a third of the population of each). I dare say the county is not much better now than when General Sherman was here a while ago.

  2. I could not agree with the response posted on Clayton County. In addition to everything that was said, the increase in taxes is a menace. At my son’s school, there is 32 to 1 ration of student to teacher. How in God’s name do you expect to make AYP or anything else when the children are not receiving the proper education that they so deserve? With tears in my eyes and concern in my heart, I just put my hands in the air and I pray that some sweep of a miracle will happen and rescue this county from such disaster.

  3. When is the judge above the law ? you break the law you do time for it I under stand that, now that you getting your life back in order all hell break
    loose, the judge find reason to lock you up for trying to better your self no job , no trasportation, but you do your best getting around the best you know how no money , judge give you two job to go apply for that pay 7.25 an hour if McDonald employees can’nt live off 7.25 an hour how can you expect some one else to live off the same, every holiday I see more people arrested for not paying there fine not enough community service, but you have proof you have documents to show your progress but sone how your look tell the judge that you’re not showing any progress if my look determined my progress something is wrong ,is it that if I stay in jail before the holiday you get a bonus how is that helping me, I need a job i am willing and ready to work i made a mistake now i have learn from it why put me in jail for trying to do the best i can do with out a job my children need me my
    wife need me wake up clayton county we need to take notes on who we put in office.

    wife need me wake up clayton County something is wrong no buses, no justic no peace it is time to study these judges we put in office find out you they really are

    wife need me wake up clayton county no buses no justic

    wife need me wake up Clayton Couty something is wrog with our judicial system people are loosing there family there life liveing on the street begging because some one is trying to be above the law.

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