Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | May 21, 2009

GaGo10 – Secession Backlash starts to heat up

I am quite glad others out there in Georgia are starting to realize what utter nonsense this secessionist talk is and that it’s hitting the mainstream with Poythress attacking and now Jay Bookman from the AJC talking about it.

These four GOP candidates for governor, Handle, Oxendine, Johnson and McBerry, are not only acting like children (if they do this, then thats it!  we’re gone.  we cannot accept we lost.) they are also, must more seriously, acting like traitors.  They want to split apart the United States of America because they don’t like the policies of the president (who thumped their guy back in November.)

Why weren’t these conservatives raising holy hell and threatening secession during Bush?  He’s the one that ordered the GA National Guard to fight in Iraq, which lets face it, wasn’t threatening the state of Georgia.  Some of our boys died over there.  Isn’t that a tad more serious than a possible gun law?  It just goes to show that they are raising this extremely grave and serious issue for only political points….which is revolting.

We’ll do a little research to see what all Georgia would lose, if these nuts get into office and succeed at secession for a later post.  First thought is goodbye to the city of Columbus.  With Ft. Benning gone, Columbus will go back to about the size of Albany, or more likely, try to go join Alabama.


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