Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | May 20, 2009

GaGo10 – Right on Poythress!!

Right on Poythress!

He calls out republicans on this secessionist bullshit.

We’ve been doing the same here, and here, and here.

I just have to quote the transcript here.  I’m proud of him for calling them out on this.  He’s impressing me more and more.

“For years, Georgia’s eighth grade students read in their history books about our state’s decision to secede from the United States back in 1861. Today, our students need only look at a daily newspaper to see that talk of secession isn’t just a thing of the past.

“Some Republican candidates for governor are embracing it today. In fact, four of the six Republican candidates recently said they would support Georgia seceding from the United States of America.

“This is outrageous. This is absolutely disgraceful. It’s a slap in the face to every patriotic American, to anyone who has served under the American flag, and to those brave Georgians who have fought and died for our country in Iraq.

“As commander of the Georgia National Guard, I prepared and sent our troops to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. Before that, I served in Vietnam. And if called, I would do it again, because I love this country and everything it stands for.

“Democracy and freedom aren’t free. They aren’t even cheap. Our American form of government certainly isn’t perfect. But it sure beats the heck out of anything else.

“What really offends me the most is that none of these Republican secession candidates ever wore, for a single day, the uniform of our country, ever carried a weapon, or heard a shot fired in anger. Not one ever put their life on the line to protect our freedoms and liberties.


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