Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | May 19, 2009

Why is the TSA sponsoring right wing hate radio?

My choices were pop music or WSB, the main right wing radio station in Atlanta. I picked WSB just to see what they were saying. WSB is the Mothership of Boortz, and someone you might not have heard of, Herman Cain (failed GA Senate candidate, token GA GOP African American). I heard Boortz call Herman Cain, on a Herman Cain promo of all things, “my favorite Uncle,” and *that* made me throw up a little.

He was ranting on and on about the tired “Obama is a socialist” line, and right after he finished talking about giving a speech to a high school class, and his pride when a student asked him if the US was becoming a socialist state and he was able to answer “Yes it is, but we’re not going to go down without a fight,” a commercial and traffic break came on. Thank God.

Imagine my surprise, after hearing a denunciation of the federal government as “socialist,” to hear the traffic sponsor was….the TSA.


It was around 7:15, and the traffic report comes on, more trouble on the connector, and the traffic reporter reads off that this report was sponsored by the TSA, Transportation Security Administration, reminding you to, well, don’t be a dumbass if you plan on traveling through the Atlanta airport this summer.

I was stunned. Multiple reasons.

a) Why remind Atlantans about the Atlanta airport? Trust me, we know.
b) Another reason why Cain is a hypocrite. Hating the government but certainly not minding if they help sponsor his show.
But then c) came roaring in my head, and wouldn’t get out of my head for the next hour of my commute…

Why is our government helping to fund this hate? Especially our Democratic government, helping in some way shape or form by sponsoring the very people that want its downfall? Are they really that masochistic?

Sure, a couple of attempts to explain it away popped in my mind –
a) Well, maybe the TSA didn’t really know what they were sponsoring? But then surely they would have researched it…
b) Maybe it was just a PSA? But then why would they have said the traffic report was “sponsored” by the TSA?
c) Maybe they were really just trying to help the people who listen to this station, as they probably *don’t* realize what the airport screening is like? Shouldn’t we try to help everyone, even if they hate us?

Well, I might buy c. But…come on…the federal government spending money on the people that want to see it fail? What the hell? Why is the TSA doing this?!?



  1. Why are you amazed? Also, Obama is a Socialist.
    What’s wrong with Herman Cain?
    Your not some redneck minimalist,eh?
    Boortz is straight out, whether one likes such straight talk. I prefer reading /listening to straight talk…I can decipher.

  2. By declaring that Obama is a socialist, you are showing that you aren’t listening to straight talk, and can’t decipher the messages given to you. It’s easy to throw out monikers but much harder to back them up.

    *I* don’t think Obama is doing enough when he ought to be doing more than he is. Especially lately, he’s been getting a lot of criticism from the left, such as myself.

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