Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | May 19, 2009

Cherokee County: No, its not ok to duct tape students.

It’s nice to know Cherokee is taking a stand against duct taping special needs students to chairs and stuffing them under desks.

This is revolting.

As someone who is involved in some way with Education (and those are all the details you’re going to get), I find this absolutely disgusting.  Yes, we’ve all had to deal with petulant children (why am I suddenly having visions of Neal Boortz duct taped to a chair?) but there’s the right way and the wrong way.  This is clearly so far off the “wrong way path” we’re going to have to redefine the grading scale.

Via AJC:

The Sheriff’s Office said Peavy and Cheek duct-taped a 17-year-old autistic boy to a chair. Peavy also is accused of confining a 17-year-old blind girl under a table.

“The teacher would pull up her chair and keep her confined underneath the table against her will,” Baker said.


A teacher…teaching special needs kids…as if these kids haven’t suffered enough.  I’m so angry at this I’m incoherent.  Any sort of excuse she could provide, from being stressed out to finally losing it to kids who wouldn’t behave, is inexusable.  Duct taping one student.  Forcing another underneath her teachers desk.  Just…just…I’m furious and I’m terribly sad something like that could ever happen.

Just as disgusting, two teachers knew about this last year but didn’t come forward.  Under no circumstances is that ok.  The Cherokee Sheriff’s office isn’t going to hold those people accountable, because they need those folk to testify against these folk.

Part of wants to speculate that the kids themselves brought this up with someone, some sort of adult, a parent or anybody, but were promptly ignored.  Because they’re special needs.

Sorry for the lack of eloquence on this post.  I’m just too…


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