Posted by: Perimeter Progressive | May 19, 2009

At least the comedians know there are liberals in the South.

It’s always nice when we liberals down here in the South are reminded that we exist and are valuable.

Trust me, its a pretty rare thing.

  • I love Daily Kos, but there’s a strong anti-South bias on there that really comes out to play in the comments when theres a post involving the south somehow.
  • We rarely get stops by big named politicians – It was shocking with Obama came to Georgia during the General Election, and I remember having to battle a very liberal politician during 2004 to come down to the South to campaign.  (He came to Georgia for half a day.  That was all I could get after months of arguing.)

At least liberal comedians haven’t forgotten us in the liberal isle of metro Atlanta.  John Oliver from the Daily Show is coming over to the Punchline on Sunday, and Bill Maher is going to come to the Cobb Centre in June.  So the comedians know we’re here…now we’ve got to convince the politicians, and the liberal establishment, that there are liberals down here in the South, we do matter, we work our asses off, and we have valuable suggestions.

At least I’ll be about to laugh about it all on Sunday.


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