Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | May 16, 2009

We have a successful state-run program? Privatize it!

Only in Georgia…We have a successful state government program that pays for itself.

Therefore, it must be privatized.

This is the conservative mindset, and the mindset of the Georgia Regional Transit Authority (GRTA.)  GRTA is tasked with partially trying to fix the massive transportation issues in Metro Atlanta.  They apparently offer a vanshare program that goes out into the suburbs and brings em into town.  According to the WSB-TV report from May 14th, 11:00, it’s going to affect some 500 people.  According to the GRTA official they interviewed, cost is not an issue – it pays for itself.

Yes.  A government program that pays for itself.  And does its job – reduces commute, reduces our ghastly air pollution, and helps people.

Yet they are closing it because of a “business decision” based on possible future costs, and that they only have 10% of the vanshare market.  So they want to privatize it and then subsidize the ride for some folks.  Isn’t that going to, you know, cost money, instead of a program that doesn’t cost anything?

It’s successful.  It’s working.  So government can’t be the one doing it in Georgia, it has to be a private company!

If anything, GRTA should expand the hell out of this.  Do the right thing GRTA.



  1. Under IDEA transportation is considered a related service. A related service is transportation, developmental, corrective, and other services. . .as may be required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education. . .What this means is that if your child requires transportation in order to benefit from their education, special education personnel are required to provide it.

    Cobb County

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