Posted by: The Last Liberal Gwinnettian | May 16, 2009

No Wonder Our Country is Broke!

This rant has been inspired by the plight of a close family friend. He was arrested three months ago on felony possession charges (he had a single Percocet on him). He is a Mexican citizen and a permanent alien resident of the United States (valid Green Card and all). However, this was also his third felony charge, and that means that he is ripe for deportation. So far, all makes sense. That’s where things begin to unravel. Now, having already wasted taxpayer money housing, feeding, and clothing this man for the last three months, the Florida courts have decided that he must serve one year in a Florida prison for the possession charge, and only then will he be deported.

Wait. What?!?

Yes, the wise state of Florida (where New Yorkers go to die) has decided that it would be really smart to keep a man in their prison system for a full year before shipping him off to Mexico. They really want to pay to house him, feed him, and clothe him for that year. Then they are going to spend even more money to ship him to Mexico. Does anyone else see something wrong with this idea?

This got me thinking: I highly doubt that this is an isolated case. How many inmates in American prisons are sitting around (eating, sleeping, and wearing clothes, no less!) awaiting deportation upon release? How many people are the taxpayers of this country supporting when they could easily skip the whole jail sentence step and go straight to deportation?

A Google search did not yield any useful statistics in this regard, but I did find this article about Arizona’s model deportation policy. Arizona’s program releases non-violent immigrants from state prisons and deports them. As of the date of the article (April 2008), only one other state, New York, had a similar program. Is this just too logical for state governments to grasp?

In the three years between implementing the program and the publishing of the article, Arizona’s deportation program saved the state over $18 million dollars. Now imagine all the states did this. Take all of that money, all those millions and millions of crisp dollars, and…wait for it!…use that money to protect the borders!!!

It’s simple, logical ideas like this that seem to elude those who govern our country.


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