Posted by: The Last Liberal Gwinnettian | May 14, 2009

There are criminals in Gwinnett?

I grew up in Gwinnett County. Even in its shadiest areas, I never felt afraid to walk in a dark parking lot or along an empty street, regardless of what time it was. But that was when Gwinnett was a relatively isolated suburb of Atlanta — back in the days when Scenic Highway was bordered by trees rather than endless strip malls, when Grayson was known as “Gwinnett’s Best Kept Secret” because no one lived there, when gridlock never reached Snellville, and when the nearest Starbucks was a fifteen minute drive away and not right next door. Gwinnett has grown up, and so has its crime rate.

I still feel safe walking at night — but only because I wander armed with pepper spray. A glance at the AJC’s Gwinnett News page is a stark reminder that Gwinnett is no longer the bastion of upper-middle class living that it once was. Gwinnett is now home to gang activity, drive-by shootings, drug-related shootings, and (just recently) the largest meth bust ever east of the Mississippi.

Yet Gwinnett County Police claim that there is no spike in crime. Tell that to the children of 25 year old Heather Strube, who was shot in the head in a busy shopping center in Snellville.

Despite that ludicrous claim, the police department has decided to implement a four-day increase in police coverage. And, of course, they have published this information in every local paper. I guess they’re assuming that criminals don’t read the paper. If I were a criminal, I’d simply put my dark deeds off for four days.

I have a question for my county: How exactly is increasing the number of police patrolling I-85 for a mere FOUR DAYS going to help Gwinnett’s crime problems (an issue that the police maintain doesn’t exist)?



  1. Last Lib
    I feel you. Crime seems to be in areas that it wasn’t before. I’m not sure crime went up as much as spread. I have many friends on the Gwinnett Police Department. I’ve never seen them push harder to get things done. Not all but most of them. Its a scary time in America. A real 1 in 5 unemployed. Desperate times make desperation appear. I hope it gets better soon. I’ve been in Gwinnett 14 years. Its changed. I still think its a great place. Its just hard to keep it as safe as it was when so many young people are so broke. Keep your head up and stay on top of local policies and changes. Fight safety cutbacks if you can.

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