Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | May 14, 2009

GaGo10 – Four out of Six GOP Candidates are traitors.

Lovely news out of the Savannah Morning News today:

Four of the six Republicans who want to be governor apparently favor disbanding the federal government if it imposes new firearms restrictions.

That proposal is part of a nonbinding measure that sailed through the state Senate on a 43-1 vote on the next-to-last day of the 2009 legislative session.

One 2010 gubernatorial hopeful, Eric Johnson of Savannah, voted for the resolution. Two others said they would have voted yes if they were senators. A spokesman for Secretary of State Karen Handel said he “supposes” she would have done so.

Only state Rep. Austin Scott, of Tifton, opposed the resolution. A similar measure in the House never came to a vote.

There was no response from the sixth candidate, U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal.

So four out of six candidates think that it’s fine to secede from the union if the fed government does something they don’t like, making them traitors to this great country.  More wonderful quotes from our possible traitors-in-chief:

Eric Johnson:

But Johnson said the resolution is a sound response to “unprecedented expansion of federal bureaucracy and more debt.”

“This is not a hollow threat,” he said. “We are simply reasserting our authority to protect the rights, freedoms and desires of the people we are elected to serve.”

Oxendine (shocker there, the dolt):

“Not only would I have voted for it,” said candidate John Oxendine, the state insurance commissioner. “I would have been one of the original sponsors.

Ray McBerry:

Candidate Ray McBerry, who produces radio and television commercials, said the federal government “already is breaking its end of the contract.”

Although seceding from the Union is a “last resort,” McBerry said, “no free people gives up the right to self-determination.”

And the only patriot running on the GOP side, proving that it’s only 2/3rd of the Georgia Republican Party who are treasonous, Austin Scott says:

‘I’m an American’

Many intrusive federal policies violate the Constitution, Scott said, but that doesn’t nullify the Constitution and dissolve the Union.

“I’m not ready to do that,” he said. “I’m an American. I’m proud when I stand up and salute the flag.”

Too bad he doesn’t have a shot in hell.  It’s pretty much an Oxendine vs. Handle race I’d say.

Has the entire state drunk Boortz’s kool-aid?  What the hell is wrong with this state, with this GA GOP, with these people?  Why do they think its ok to use this horrible idea, one that cost the lives of 600,000 people, as a political tool to scare up votes?  These candidates are traitors to this country, and hardly deserve to live in America, much less try to lead one of its states.  Dear Handle, Oxendine, Johnson, McBerry – get the hell out of my state, and get the hell our of our country.  If you are so damned sure you want to secede from the Union, why don’t you take the easier route and just move to a different damned country?  We’d be better off without you.


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