Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | May 12, 2009

CainWatch: May 11, 2009

Occasionally I’ll flip on WSB on the long commute to and from work.  I’ll get Blowhard Bortz during the drive to work and failed candidate Herman Cain on the way back home (and sometimes I even get to hear that wacko from San Fran…Savage?) Last night he was rallying against the Single Payer Healthcare system “socialized medicine” in conspeak.

First off, he talked about how there were fools who think health care is a right.  Health care should be a right.  He asked if food was a right?  shelter?  Well, I for one think not only should heath care be a right, but food should be a right and shelter should be a right in civilized society.

There is the food stamp program, but are children going hungry with parents who make just above the artificial poverty level?

There are section 8 vouchers and homeless shelters, but is there enough of them?

It’s morally wrong in America if people don’t have enough to eat or a place to get out of the elements.  Hunger and homelessness ought to be a non-partisan issue.  It is morally wrong for us to allow this to happen in our country.  It’s a lie to say that the only reason why people don’t get enough to eat or people don’t have a place to stay is because of the choices they’ve made and the effort they put out.  There are plenty of cases of people who have done everything right but still can’t claw themselves out of the deep hole.

Likewise, health care should be a right.  It is a matter of morals.  It’s morally wrong if people die in America from something that could have been prevented, if only they had the access.  The moral chocie is a universal health care system.  My personal belief would be medicare for all, and there still can be private insurers that offer supplemental coverage.  That was everyone has something, yet people get more if they so choose.

The talk of rationing makes me laugh.  “Well, if we go down this road, you know where that will lead – rationing.”  You talk as if health care isn’t rationed already.  Wake up.   It is.  Organ waiting lists are a reality now.  Yes, they probably will be longer if single payer comes to fruition.  But it’s morally wrong to not give everyone, even the lowest among us, a chance.  No person should decide if another should live or die.

You call yourself pro-life.  The true pro-life stance goes beyond mere anti-abortion.  It should extend to making sure everyone has a chance at a life, and that inclues universal health care.  That inclues housing.  That inclues enough food so children don’t go to bed hungry.  That includes an education system that gives all the chance to succeed.  God gave you no right to decide who should live or die Mr. Herman Cain – stop acting like it.


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