Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | May 11, 2009

GaGo10 – Something I have yet to understand

Why do the top Democrats in the state always want to go for Governor?  It ends up with a primary that kills the chances of many of our top prospects for any sort of statewide office ever again.

I started thinking this when it was Mark Taylor vs. Cathy Cox four years ago.  Why didn’t one of them jump into the senate race in 04?  They were both statewide, constitutional officers with Taylor as Lt. Governor and Cox as Sec. of State, yet they decide to duke it out for governor and we end up with Denise Majette, completely unknown statewide for anything other than knocking out Cynthia McKinney, as our statewide nominee and she went down in flames.  In 04, it was clear neither Taylor nor Cox was going to go for Senate, as they both had their eyes on the capitol.  Did they think that they had a better shot at Governor over Senate?  Or is there just some sort of gravitational pull of the Democratic gene over to the Governor’s Mansion?  I was a Cox supporter (having met both of them, I was more impressed with Cox, rather than Taylor who seemed to be happy another Big Guy was supporting him, which irked me) but I figured as Taylor was Lt. Governor he probably deserved the shot, and Cox should have run for Senate in 04.  Alas, Taylor won the primary, Cox is out of the political world, Taylor lost, and is also out of the political world.

So now it’s time for the 2010 governor’s race, and it seems that once again the Democrats are clawing over hand and foot to run and ruin, once again, the Democratic bench.  Former governor Barnes is probably in (whom I will not vote for in primary, as meeting him in 2002 left me so unimpressed), along with Pothyress (whom I know nothing about, his mainstay in GA politics was before my political prime, but has impressed me somewhat with his outreach), the Senate minority leader Dubose Porter (whom I doubt has much a shot in the primary being from Dublin and nothing really out there on the web) and Attn. General Baker (whom I am not terrible enthralled with either.) And Thurmond might jump in too?

We have three democrats in the statewide offices right now – Labor Commissioner Thurmond, State Attorney General Baker, and Commissioner of Agriculture Irvin.  If Thurmond and Baker both jump into Governor, then it’s a pretty safe bet that Irvin will be the only Democrat left statewide.  (And, lets face it, how much longer can Irvin last health-wise?)

So a message to all GA democrats – can we get off of our obsession with the Governor’s mansion, and build up our bench some, so we can have a credible slate of candidates for the statewide offices?


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