Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | May 11, 2009

Dear PSC, You are not above the law.

Just…too painful for words… (thanks to AJC for this reporting…good, albeit painful, report.)

I live in Georgia.  I use utilities.  I would appreciate it if the people who oversaw utlities weren’t the lapdogs of Georgia Power.  And/or Idiots.

The PSC went to the Assembly to change this law so they could elect their own chairman, and that chairman could serve 2 years.  The Assembly said no.  So, the PSC does it anyway.  And why?

Because the State Attorney General is shockingly, a Democrat.  And he’s running for Governor.

The PSC’s chairman-in-waiting said the AG’s say-so isn’t needed.

“It behooves this body to act appropriately in its own interests,” since Baker, a Democrat has announced a run for governor, Wise said before voting.

The AG, he said of the state’s official attorney, “is just another lawyer.”

So, we’re above the law, because we don’t like a possible future Governor?


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