Posted by: Cobb County Liberal | May 11, 2009

Dear Georgia Assembly, your bias cost us jobs, and sanity

Ok.  Even if you aren’t from Georgia, there is at least a few things you know about Atlanta and it’s transportation:

a) All the damn roads that have Peachtree in the name

b) The traffic sucks.

Has anyone in Atlanta never experienced the dread of realizing you need to go somewhere.  On Friday.  At 5:15.  And it involves an interstate of some sort?  I know I was regretting the decision, although you would think I would have known better by now, as I was sitting in my car this Friday hitting my head against the steering wheel on the Perimeter.

I know I heard about the MARTA vs. the Legislature woes a few months ago in the news.  MARTA, the Metro Atlanta public transportation system, well, kinda metro Atlanta (we’ll table the massive problems with public transportation in Atlanta for another day), needed money or the massive budget shortfall would lead into a massive reduction in service.  The kicker is, they already had the money.  So why did they need money?  They had to keep that money in one bank account for capital improvements, as opposed to the other one for operating use.  The GA legistaure has a pretty anti-Atlanta bias, and they refused to let MARTA use the money.  Luckily, the Atlanta Regional Commission came to the rescue after the morons in the legislature went home for the year.

Now, something I’d imagine most of the rather stupid legislature agrees with is that jobs are good.  More jobs is more good for the state.  Especially in times like these.  So, when I see articles like this, I get pissed off.  The main part of this article is about the Atlanta vs. Charlotte battle royale for Southern Supremacy, but read through till the part about business:

Atlanta business and civic leaders all but accuse Georgia’s General Assembly of abandoning Atlanta.

Last month the legislature declined for a second straight year to let Atlanta and other regions hold sales-tax referendums to deal with traffic. A year ago Gov. Sonny Perdue released a study saying Georgia could lose 320,000 potential jobs over the next two decades if traffic congestion wasn’t addressed.

The Legislature has also stymied commuter rail. The General Assembly even denied MARTA the opportunity last month to use its own money to fill budgetary holes.

Chick Krautler, director of the Atlanta Regional Commission, said it is “a travesty (and) an absolute outrage that the leaders of this state can’t deal with transportation.”

Williams, president of the Metro Atlanta Chamber, added last week that Charlotte’s “business and political leaders have addressed some critical issues like transportation much better than we have.”

Thanks legislature.  For helping send jobs to our Northern friends.  Idiots.


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